The gourmet tours

Breizhtronomie offers six gourmet tours: six new experiences. To be honest, the hardest part will be choosing! But be assured, each tour is undeniably Breton and tasty!

The Food Tour of Vannes is a walk through the narrow streets of the city, mainly concentrated in the inner city. A great way to discover this charming city steeped in history and adorned with an exceptional heritage. At each stop, your Gourmet Guide will suggest a meeting with passionate shopkeepers and artisans to share and taste delicious products. Between each mouthful, you will learn some surprising stories straight from Brittany…. Ah, the great Breton people!

The two Food Tours in the Gulf of Morbihan are invitations to discover the wonderful Gulf of Morbihan, both on the seaside (Armor) and the land side (Argoat). The gourmet tours are offered with transport by van from the centre of Vannes. Let yourself be taken on board by the Gourmet Guide, who is never stingy with Breton stories and who will take you to discover unusual places, to meet endearing local producers and taste Breton specialities.

To spend a delicious moment with your family, discover the Vannes Family Food Tour. Discover Vannes with your children, have fun and discover delicious Breton delicacies along the way. This is a fun activity for the whole family!

The Food Tour of Auray takes you through the steep streets of the town, between the heights and the port of Saint-Goustan. Your Gourmet Guide will take you to meet producers who are ready to share their passion for their work with you. This walk will be punctuated by tasty anecdotes about Brittany and its traditions, but also by ever more delicious tastings!

Around Auray, you will leave for a Food Tour in a van to discover the Morbihan lands, which have as much to offer as the seaside. The producers defend their know-how with fervour, and you can feel their passion during the tastings. Of course, your Gourmet Guide will share with you, between two bites, his stories and knowledge about Brittany and its irreducible Bretons.

Food Tour Vannes

A pure delight
55 per person
  • Walking tour with your Gourmet Guide in the town of Vannes to meet the local artisans and producers.
  • Duration : 3h15

Food Tour Auray

A real treat
55 per person
  • Walking tour with your Gourmet Guide in the town of Auray to meet the local artisans and producers.
  • Duration : 3h

Food Tour Vannes

A playful touraround Vannes
10,5/20,5 per child / per adult
  • A fun, gourmet walk for families with children aged 4 and over (up to 12 years old). A pure moment of delight for the little ones as well as for the adults.
  • Duration : 1h45

Food Tour Gulf of Morbihan - Bâbord

Vannes - Baden - Arradon
80 per person
  • Tour in a van from the centre of Vannes with your Gourmet Guide to discover the Gulf of Morbihan on the Baden and Arradon sides, punctuated by tasty breaks with our passionate Breton producers.
  • Duration : around 4hrs

Food Tour Gulf of Morbihan - Tribord

Presqu'île de Rhuys
80 per person
  • Leaving from Le Hézo, set off in a van with your Gourmet Guide to discover the Rhuys peninsula while enjoying gourmet stops at our superb local producers.
  • Duration : around 4hrs

Food Tour
Around Auray

Outskirts of Auray
75 per person
  • Van ride from Auray with your Gourmet Guide, to discover the surroundings of this town between land and river, to meet different local artisans and gourmets.
  • Duration : around 3:30 hrs
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